"Yeah, I like kissing Leighton, she’s so great. Leighton is gorgeous. I like working with her. She’s very talented and she’s fantastic to work with. Sure, why not?" 

— Ed Westwick (hoping that Chair find their way back to eachother)
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"It’s Ed [Westwick, who plays Chuck Bass]! I mean come on, they’re like, so toxically good for each other! They’re soul mates." 

Alyson and AJ Michalka (on who really belongs with Blair).
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"Off camera they are so sweet. I bring my kids to work occasionally and they are always offering to babysit. Both girls are very family-orientated which I love and they are both very focused and smart and it’s a lot of fun to work with them. They are both very professional but aren’t afraid to have a laugh and be silly too which is really refreshing." 

— Kelly Rutherford on Leighton & Blake
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"I think he’d be as amazing if he was American, but, yes, he has an added charm, because of his accent. And he’s got the best sense of humor. And, like me, he’s not from a big city; that’s in both our personalities. He’s a home-town sort of a guy." 

— Leighton Meester (about Ed Westwick)
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"It wasn’t hard in this movie." 

— Leighton Meester (about her love scenes in Country Strong)
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"I remember when I was going into the studio in Nashville after work one day to sing it, I was like ‘Garrett should be here’ so he came by and sang with me in the booth and it was really, really great. It’s such a romantic song." 

— Leighton Meester (about recording the song “Give In To Me,” which was originally supposed to be a solo, as a duet with co-star Garrett Hedlund.)
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"Blair and Chuck are so perfect because they get each other. Chuck knows her deep, dark side and he finds it hot. But the best part of their relationship is that it’s realistic. People don’t always date for a while and then slowly fall in love. They start by hooking up one night. It takes time to get to know someone and then you realize that you are in love later on." 

— Leighton Meester
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"Don’t worry, I have no intention of stealing your invisible career." 

— Chiles Stanton (to Beau Hutton; Country Strong)
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"I would love that. I’ve thought about it a lot, so we’ll see. He’s very talented." 

— Leighton Meester (on a duet with Ed Westwick)
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LMM, April 9, 1986.
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The first thing I thought when I met Leighton was,
'F*cking hell, this girl's gorgeous.'
- Ed Westwick