Gossip Girl 5.24 Sneak Peek Serena, Blair and Dorota

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Gossip Girl 5x24 Promo - “The Return of the Ring” Season Finale (HD)

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Gossip Girl Redux: What's Up Ahead 



Mo’ Family, Mo’ Problems: We all know Bart Bass is set to return at the end of this season, but is Chuck’s padre returning in flashback form or as a ghost? “I will not say. You’ll have to wait and see,” Josh Safran teases. “But it’s a good story I think it will satisfy everyone.” As for Diana’s role in the Bass family storyline, he says, ”That story is far from over.”

Love Triangle = Full Steam Ahead: While Dan and Blair ended the episode on a Chuck-free and happy note, don’t expect things to stay perfect. As Safran recently told us, “Dan and Blair’s relationship is going to be challenged because the specter of Chuck is always going to be hanging over it, whether or not he’s even involved in it or not. Because Blair is always going to be aware that Dan knows how much she loved a man before him. And Dan is always going to be aware, even more so, of how tied up they were with each other and how they constantly return to each other at some point, invariably every year. That pressure might seep in and cause some trouble but whether that trouble is insurmountable people will have to wait and see.”

Poison Ivy:Though Ivy didn’t actually appear in the hour, she caused major problems between rock-solid couple Rufus and Lily, but don’t call her a villainess! “She’s a complicated character,” Safran explains, adding that fans shouldn’t prepare to be saying their goodbyes to Ivy anytime soon. “We have every intention of Kaylee being back next season.”


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Gossip Girl 5x20 “Salon of the Dead” Producers’ Preview

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Gossip Girl 5x20 “Salon of the Dead” Sneak Peek

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Gossip Girl 5.18 Con Heir Episode Preview

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Gossip Girl - The Princess Dowry Clip

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Gossip Girl - The Princess Dowry Producer’s Preview

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Gossip Girl 5.16 Cross Rhodes Episode Preview

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Gossip Girl: Wedding Day Aftermath (must read)! 

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